Sarah Farmer, M.A., Certified Trauma Integration Practitioner


As a certified trauma integration practitioner, I’m here to support you and help you heal. I specialize in helping parents of special needs children (particularly those who adopted children) work through the stress and trauma that can be involved in raising a non-neurotypical or physically non-typical child/adult. I also work with teens and adults working through trauma of any type–from emotional or physical abuse at any age to assault, loss of a loved one, divorce, accidents, natural disasters, bullying, surgery, or anything else that causes a person lasting pain.

While working together, you will gain confidence in your own ability to heal. You’ll learn to release the physical and mental burdens, and the trauma responses, that no longer serve you. 

I will coach you one-on-one in a process that truly works. We all experience trauma, but our past pain does not need to define us or control the rest of our lives.

You have the capacity and strength to integrate all your experiences—positive and negative—and become whole.

As your guide and coach, I will help you discover the insight and healing your body already holds in its core.

I offer sessions virtually or by phone.

Sessions are $100/each. Sessions are typically 1 to 1.5 hours.

The first consultation is free and gives us a chance to get to know one another, see if the fit feels good, and allow you ask any questions you’d like!

"Thank you for the session last night, Sarah. It was very helpful. As I woke up throughout the night and then again this morning, the phrases you had me speak, kept going through my head. It is helping me focus more on the positive, tender mercies of the event. I know this is just one piece of getting myself to a better place but today I feel some hope and I am grateful for that."
-- A., Ohio

I offer reduced rates for people on SSI, SSDI, or Medicaid. Income should not keep a person from finding healing. Talk with me if this applies to you.